Ask these questions of any digital agency trying to win your business

When I’m stuck in traffic I sometimes fantasize that all those cars are service providers, independent digital ad agencies. I mean you can’t even cruise Broadway without tripping over another one. Open your email and there’s several pleading for your attention each day. They may spout industry terms to try to impress you. They may talk fast, double up on buzz words or offer to audit your website. No doubt they want your business—or—from our perspective, to try to steal our customers.

“Facts are stubborn but statistics are more pliable.” —Mark Twain

We’re fine with it. Competition is healthy for our customers and for us. At Ideagility, we formed with one clear mission years ago: to help small business owners be found while providing the best service and the best, most profitable results to be had anywhere on the planet. We advise our customers to start with the basics, the important stuff. Ask these tough questions whenever you hear ‘the ask’.

Top 10 Questions You Must Ask Any Agency that Wants Your Business

  1. Do you have a written quote for your services, one that includes a recommended scope of work, fees and terms?
  2. How do your fees work?
  3. How would I measure your efforts and what tools do you provide to help me measure ROI on your services?
  4. If you design my website or other creative assets, would they still be mine should we part ways?
  5. If you manage advertising how do you charge for media and how will I benchmark your charges?
  6. Why do you want to work with me?
  7. Who would work with my team should I choose to hire you; will they be employees or freelancers or company owners?
  8. What industries do you work in and are you experienced in my industry?
  9. Who are your customers today and can you provide customer testimonials and case studies?
  10. Who owns your company and do they work in your business; would I have access to my executive peers at your company?

Sounds pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? These questions aren’t much different than those you might ask a car mechanic or a general contractor bidding on your new kitchen. That’s exactly the point. Understand the basics to make sure any provider is worthy of your trust before proceeding to ask all the tech questions you want. And may you always be found.

Photo credit: Bart Everson