Marketing Trends: Small is Big

Local relevance sounds small, like a back-handed compliment. But small is big, huge even for small business owners: let your community know you care and they’ll care about you right back. Pour your hard-earned marketing dollars into your customers and your neighborhood and they’ll notice so big, they’ll bring their friends by to meet you.

Andrew […]

Marketing Trends: Five Ways to Treat Your Crowd Exclusively

This post is about exclusivity marketing — the opposite of discrimination. Exclusivity is as good for business as discrimination is bad.  What is exclusivity marketing and why should you care?  Exclusivity is simply treating people in a way that makes them feel special and, well, you might want to care because it works big for businesses of all sizes.

Five […]

Protect Yourself!

Last week a couple of our teammates were busy helping a terrific client resolve a big mess:  removing administrative access from a disgruntled ex-employee.  Anyone may post crappy comments on your Google Plus page and social sites, or even create false profiles and do so fraudulently — but don’t surrender your control by providing administrative access to these pages!

As you […]

Giving Thanks

To each of our wonderful customers — thank you.  We appreciate serving you and feel privileged to help you grow your business.  I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with family, love and good food.

I’m especially thankful for my own family.  We’ll have a wonderful Thanksgiving together this week.  It’s been a tough month for me, […]

This changes…everything?

Flonase and are in total agreement. Surprising, an allergy medicine and a consumer car channel have exactly the same brand proposition, “this changes everything,” and for several months, each company has been advertising the message during the most spendy time of all, primetime.

This changes everything — wow that’s bold. Not something, not […]

Is SEO Really Dead?

We help small business owners be found all over the United States. In providing foundational online marketing services we create and manage websites, lead paid advertising, nurture customer segments in email and manage organic rankings with Search Engine Optimization techniques.

We’re especially privileged to help our customers grow affordably year after year. These business […]

Thank you

Thanks to our families and our employees, old friends, colleagues, amazing customers, partners and vendors; our kids, our Moms and Dads, brothers, sisters and new friends.  We asked you to help our company, Ideagility, qualify in the Chase Manhattan Mission Main Street Grant program.  We beat the deadline when you came out in spades!  We crossed the […]

You’re Too Busy. Why Bother?

RE:  Would you kindly vote for Ideagility?

Many of you know that we’ve applied for a Mission Main Street grant from Chase Manhattan Bank — to stay in the running we need your vote and we’re getting close to the wire.

If you haven’t voted you may be swamped.  You may have work priorities that […]

Your Team Walks Your Talk

Many of our customers are using ‘summer down time’ to revisit their website marketing strategies. If you find your front liners with more free time than usual, it may be the perfect opportunity to relaunch your brand and communications.

Your new website needs to be mobile to be found easily, but you already know that. […]

Be Found Basics

When serving our customers, we test digital marketing and website strategies on hundreds of businesses across the country. So what have we learned?  There are a couple issues we’ve run into a lot lately.  Without geeking out, here are a couple ‘Be Found Basics’ to help your business succeed online:

Do Not Forward Lightly

Overly forward Earls causing misery and havoc, like […]