Your Team Walks Your Talk

Many of our customers are using ‘summer down time’ to revisit their website marketing strategies. If you find your front liners with more free time than usual, it may be the perfect opportunity to relaunch your brand and communications.

Your new website needs to be mobile to be found easily, but you already know that. […]

Be Found Basics

When serving our customers, we test digital marketing and website strategies on hundreds of businesses across the country. So what have we learned?  There are a couple issues we’ve run into a lot lately.  Without geeking out, here are a couple ‘Be Found Basics’ to help your business succeed online:

Do Not Forward Lightly

Overly forward Earls causing misery and havoc, like […]

Old School Service is New School

Customers in and out of our time zone especially like that we answer the phone when they call. This seemingly simple thing is everything. It matters too that we’re all over it and have the answers they need, but that comes later. Simply being real enough to pick up feels huge these days.

We create responsive websites […]

“Mobilegeddon” Common Sense

“Mobilegeddon” will not be as dire as Bruce Willis trapped in outer space to save the planet, promise! Google is following through on their promise to update organic search algorithms, making “mobile-friendliness a ranking signal”. Simply put, later this month sites that are optimized for mobile will likely rank higher, while legacy sites that don’t […]

Superior Customer Service Tactics For Anxious, Urgent Callers

Your next customer is calling now! You need the sale, you may need it badly. But your customer has needs too! Customers facing an emergency have urgent needs. They may be distraught, not listening well or overwhelmed. Here is a checklist of superior customers service tactics to […]

Microsoft! Throw us a bone and we’ll help you grow – promise.

Dear Mr. Nadella,

Ouch. With Microsoft stock down 9%, and Business Insider reporting that the company is “basically still in the same place it was under Steve Ballmer,” Seattle headquarters can’t be much fun this week. News this gloomy spurs me to write to you Sir. I simply have to get something off […]

Internet leads suck! (5) ways to improve results when you’re the boss.

A couple years ago, one of my savvy customers said, “My sales team says your internet leads are terrible, all junk.” Of course this was exactly the report he was hearing in-house. Lucky me, I asked, “But what about the apartment building with the top four floors flooded last week? Wasn’t that a good lead?” […]

My business strategy: gratitude

I was over thinking this post, wondering if it qualified as business-savvy. But attitude infuses every decision we make as a business leaders. And, Inc. magazine claims that an upbeat attitude makes success simple.

So here goes, I’m thankful….

…to wake up ready to roll each morning. Waking up is pretty great all […]

ServiceMaster Pro Clean has a new mobile website!

View ServiceMaster Pro Clean on your laptop and on your smart phone to see how easy it is to be found. Kudos to Sam and Tiffany for their vision; we had a terrific time planning and executing this site.

Yes… It’s True!

“Stand high long enough and your lightning will come.”

–William Gibson

We have a couple quick updates:  Our InstaScope mold detection campaign tests on both coasts — East meets West — are delivering huge numbers of calls that turn into real jobs. Customers are delighted. Check out our InstaScope page here and tell us what you think.

Are […]