Art for All

OK, I’m playing catchup but happy, happy news is good news to share. Don’t miss the recent Portland Business Journal article detailing Jordan Schnitzer’s sizable donation to PSU, he’s making a major contribution to the building of a new art museum at Neuberger Hall.

And not just any museum, this one is […]

Why Portland

If you missed the RMA Portland Metro Chapter luncheon on the future of commercial real estate and capital markets, you missed a lot. This peek at why the Rose City is growing leaps and bounds fascinates. Massive job growth and record numbers of college grads headed our way. Rapid increases in […]

Small Business is Good Business

Of course Portland rides near the top of the list of cities with the highest concentration of small businesses. Lucky number seven! Reading this stat delights me: According toThe Business Journals, Portland clocks in at number seven with 2,717 small businesses per 100,000 residents. Speaking roundly, with nearly 2.4 million Portland […]

United Divided

At Ideagility we provide marketing and public relations services especially designed for small business; all things communications is the industry that I have loved for, well, several decades. Did you read about the very public nightmare that United Airlines created for themselves? This week they denied boarding to a couple teenager girls […]

Reassure Anxious, Urgent Callers and Win the Sale

Your next customer is calling now. Your boss wants the sale and you have a ton of duties! You may need to capture documentation, enter it in the system and forward the call to the right people to make it happen. But your customer’s calling and he has needs too.

Customers facing emergencies like property damage from […]

Answer the Ask

Ask these questions of any digital agency trying to win your business

When I’m stuck in traffic I sometimes fantasize that all those cars are service providers, independent digital ad agencies. I mean you can’t even cruise Broadway without tripping over another one. Open your email and there’s several pleading for your attention each day. They […]

Marketing Trends: Let’s get real

A young IT professional I work with taught me a terrific marketing lesson the other day. I was struck with her insight and how specifically it applies to every single small business we serve. It applies to our small business customers and to our business, Ideagility, and her wisdom comes straight […]

Marketing Trends: Google my Bugle

At Ideagility, we serve small business owners across the nation. Providing digital branding services like responsive websites, content management and smart advertising for small businesses and franchisees — independently owned locations of a national franchise brand — is a real privilege. We learn a lot from our owners and we also […]

Be found

We grow brands. Digital brands. For small businesses focused locally, finding customers affordably is everything. We help explode growth in the most basic of ways. Did your neighbor’s water pipes just burst? Did the new restaurant in town just complete a big remodel? If you don’t know who’s searching for your services how could you […]

Marketing Trends: Small is Big

Local relevance sounds small, like a back-handed compliment. But small is big, huge even for small business owners: let your community know you care and they’ll care about you right back. Pour your hard-earned marketing dollars into your customers and your neighborhood and they’ll notice so big, they’ll bring their friends by to meet you.

Andrew […]