Consultant Mindset Wins

Janet Quinn
Chief Communications Officer provides access to over two million freelancers worldwide. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 700,000 management analysts and that demand for these efficiency advisors will grow nearly 20% over the next decade. According to BusinessWeek there are over 400,000 consultants in the US and about 27% of this audience is self employed. Ideagility helps clients be found, and close more sales online. We’re proud service pros and business consultants, and what we’ve learned may be helpful to others.

Communication Guidelines for Social Media

Follow These Simple Steps and Don’t Do What Amy’s Baking Company Did

Should your business endure an unfortunate public incident you may face complex issues. You may lose customers. You may sacrifice brand reputation. You could lose your company or even get sued. Perhaps this is obvious; your website and your presence on social media help share your voice and define your company.

A bakery is Scottsdale, Arizona showed us exactly what NOT to do with social media and reality television last year. You can read about it in the Kansas City Business Journal here. The business owner responded personally to customer criticisms posted on social sites. She hurled insults, calling customers “morons” or “ugly” or worse. She used expletives. Her responses to customers who posted complaints about bakery were so angry that the situation was covered in the Arizona press as early as 2010. […]

Stay Top-of-Mind With Your Customers With Nurture Emails

“Customers rule. This idea should never go out of fashion and it won’t.”
–Lester Wunderman

Dear Colleague,

The new year is a terrific time to analyze which of our strategies are the very best power boosters for growth. If you’re wondering about advertising online, and how to best stay top of mind with your customers and prospects, read on. […]

Warmest wishes to you and yours

Dear Colleague,

This holiday season we’re extra reflective. Especially, we appreciate you and the opportunity to serve you and your business with real growth.

We’ve had some startling results for so many of you in the last months; we’ll be right back in touch at the first of the year to share key learning and suggest the latest tactics to spur more leads and sales. […]

3 Tips For Developing Newsletter Content That Works

There’s a lot for small businesses today to consider when it comes to marketing and getting more sales — PPC, Social Media, Link Building, SEO, Website Development, Content Creation, etc. Communicating directly with customers and potential customers via a newsletter is still an effective marketing strategy that you should probably pull out of your toolbox, dust off, and put to good use. […]

Pinterest For The Non-Visual Or Old School Set

Pinterest is an image centric website and app. The “About” page simply states “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.” Well, that’s… helpful? […]

Entrepreneurism Part 1: Forget What You Know

As much as I should probably write something about software or marketing I feel far more compelled, no – drawn to write about motivation and what it means to really commit to being an entrepreneur. Stick with me, this is likely to be a good set of posts. […]

Advice for Entrepreneurs: Check Your Ego at the Door.

One of the easiest traps we entrepreneurs fall into, is the one where we believe we have all the answers. I don’t need to ask for help, as I’m the self-assured, self-reliant pro who can certainly figure out a better way. Famous last words. […]

Social Media Faux Pas?

McDonald’s caused a bit of a kerfuffle by inserting themselves into the horrific story of kidnap and torture from Cleveland. They sent this tweet out only a day after hero Charles Ramsey’s account of what happened during the rescue went viral around the world:

We’re Really Big… In Denmark

Here at Ideagility we’ve been working hard to make AgileBid easier to find and buy, and working to extend our reach. A lot of that is traditional outbound promotion, but it also involves a lot of distribution channel building, since our price point means we need to be able to reach lots of customers at once.