At Ideagility, we serve small business owners across the nation. Providing digital branding services like responsive websites, content management and smart advertising for small businesses and franchisees — independently owned locations of a national franchise brand — is a real privilege. We learn a lot from our owners and we also have a lot to share. Comparing test results nationwide to roll out the winners is especially valuable to our crowd.

Here are a few techniques that are working big for our owners from ServiceMaster and Furniture Medic most recently:

  • Expanded text ads are a brand new feature in Google AdWords, they debuted about a month ago. ‘Expanded text ads’ sounds kind of geeky, doesn’t it? But text ads are tremendously valuable to our businesses. If you have customers searching urgently for your services — or if you’ve experienced anything like a flooded basement or a beloved antique damaged in a fire — you may relate. Expanding text ads provides room for additional copy and helps the ad to stand out; at least today when only a few advertisers are jumping in to try it. Testing expanded ads in a couple areas of the country revealed a startling result: searchers clicked on our ads at 4X the rate of the previous benchmark — delivering more leads for less dollars. When we see big results like this, we work hard to apply that learning or technique to our entire community of advertisers.
  • Frequent monitoring of directory listings is a crucial service for our small business owners. Your directory listing in Google is tied to your Google My Business listing. Your listing puts you ‘on the map’ and can even promote valuable reviews right within the listing. We’ve learned over time that listings need to be carefully maintained; franchisor brands or even competing businesses may register a listing that gets confused with yours. When we discover an error it’s often for a business that had absolutely perfect listings just a few months before. We’ve learned to check often, and to hop right on it with Google to get listings in error removed.

These are just a couple quick examples of techniques that have really helped our crowd increase profitable leads recently. If you have questions please give us a shout at 1-800-496-1698, and may you always be found!