Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Too
Expensive? Not Anymore!

In this article, Miguel Leiva-Gomez, blogger for The Tech Guy, compares AgileBid to other PPC offerings and concludes that it allows businesses to affordably advertise across a bigger territorial and demographic spectrum without having to manage services they don’t need.
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Ideagility Launches a Pay-Per-Click
Tool for Retailers

Digital marketing company Ideagility has released an automated software tool for small- to mid-size retailers to manage their paid advertising campaigns with Google Inc.’s AdWords and Microsoft Corp.’s Bing Ads, the company
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How You Can Advertise Smarter and
Cheaper On Google AdWords Than PC Mall,
Costco, and

John Koetsier, writer for VentureBeat, talks with Co-Founder and CMO Rahm McDaniel about how AgileBid software helps smaller businesses compete with the big guys by managing PPC campaigns that would otherwise cost much more for a complicated enterprise system and a large team while not providing nearly the ROI.
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AgileBid: PPC Management Solution for SMBs

In this article, Mihaela Lica Butler, widely cited authority on search engine optimization and public relations issues (BBC News, Reuters, Al Jazeera and others), shares that “AgileBid is ideal for business owners who don’t have the time to micromanage PPC campaigns, but also for those who lack the resources to hire agencies specialized in PPC management, or who cannot afford enterprise-level PPC tools.”
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Featured Startup Pitch: Ideagility has developed
a platform that helps small businesses run automated, effective PPC campaigns at an affordable price point.

AgileBid is the only affordable, automated PPC management service designed for small business. AgileBid is NOT a tool that requires the building or maintenance of complex rules or the acceptance of recommendations. AgileBid is a service that manages the bidding of Pay Per Click keywords on AdWords and Bing/Yahoo, in addition to managing and evolving the keyword list.
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Ideagility Launches AgileBid to Give SMBs
First Affordable, Automated Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
Bid Management Solution

Yahoo News shared over their Business Wire, Ideagility’s announcement of AgileBid, the company’s PPC bid management SaaS offering designed to truly automate pay-per-click campaign management for SMBs. The announcement highlights AgileBid’s unique product features, like automated bid management, automated keyword management, and keyword level phone conversion tracking.
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