PPC Analytics

You’re in control with Ideagility. Paid advertising can generate leads immediately. Getting the most out of your budget requires expertise and constant review to determine its success. We will recommend a budget, create a campaign that meets your exact goals, and when it’s launched, we will measure results and report them to you transparently. You need to know the return of your investment. Our team provides you the information you need to know.  We’ll meet with you at least monthly to discuss results.

We recommend running a paid advertising campaign for no less than 90 days. During this time frame, our team will be constantly reviewing results and making minor changes that improve campaign performance. Achieving meaningful results requires consistency and time. Pausing campaigns will not allow for data to accumulate. Google Ads rewards campaigns based on history, so it’s important to commit.

Ideagility is a certified partner for both Google AdWords and Bing. Our team continuously strives to be leaders in our industry and to deliver the best possible return on investment for our clients.

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